Drunk Elephant’s UK launch date has finally been confirmed

These are the products you need to snap up, stat

Drunk Elephant. The name already has drawn you in, hasn’t it? One of Sephora’s bestselling brands has long been on the radar of Brit beauty enthusiasts, and for what feels like years we’ve been asking the question: When is a Drunk Elephant UK launch going to happen?

Fortunately for you, we now finally (finally) have an answer: the Marula-infused brand will be foraying into UK stockists Space NK and Cult Beauty on the 3rd of October this year.

If you’re new to the Drunk Elephant life, allow us to give you a little bit of background. Founded by Tiffany Masterson in New York, the products are all born and raised (that’s designed, tested and made) in the States.

The brand does not contain any of, what they refer to as, the ‘suspicious six’ – that’s essential oils, chemical sunscreens, fragrances or dyes, SLS, silicones, and drying alcohols.

Not well-acquainted with the brand just yet? Keep scrolling for the best Drunk Elephant products you should definitely snap up as soon as it hits UK stores.

TLC Sukari Baby Facial

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial


A resurfacing AHA/BHA facial, this one is like baby skin in a bottle, hence the name. It’s a potent cocktail of acids, blending tartaric, lactic, citric, glycolic AND salicylic acid to gently exfoliate pores and blitz dead skin cells, leaving a smoother, brighter skin finish. To quote Drunk Elephant themselves, ‘it’ll knock your cells off’.

UK launch date tbc

C-Firma™ Day Serum, £80

Drunk Elephant Vitamin C

Packed with Vitamin C, the C-Firma Day Serum is a seriously potent and active formula that’s loaded with antioxidants, fruit enzymes and essential nutrients for healthy skin. As with all good vitamin C formulae, it can help to reduce the visibility of skin pigmentation (like dark spots) and the signs of ageing.

Virgin Marula Oil, £40-£72

The Marula fruit is in fact where the brand gets its name from – there’s a long-standing myth that elephants love eating the fruit that falls from Marula trees because it ferments in their stomachs, making them drunk. Founder Tiffany believes that the virgin oil – ‘straight from the pip’ – is superior to any other she’s tried, which is why you’ll find it throughout the line. The oil itself is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and has anti-microbial properties, making it great for minimsing fine lines, redness and improving elasticity to name but a few of its benefits.

Umbra Sheer Physical Sunscreen

A broad spectrum sunscreen (meaning it protects against UVA and UVB rays) should be an essential part of everybody’s skincare routine, and this clear SPF 30 formula also protects against oxidative and free radical damage. There’s also a tinted version, should you want a little coverage in your SPF, aptly named Umbre Tinte.

UK launch TBC

Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, £90-£134

Similar to Babyfacial, the Framboos serum is formulated with the ‘dream team’ blend of lactic, tartaric, citric, salicylic and glycolic acid, but at the lower concentrate of 12%. The clever gel formula refines your complexion while you sleep, banishing dead skin cells by dissolving the glue binding them to the surface of your skin. A one-way ticket to luminous skin come morning.

Shaba Complex Eye Serum, £60

A silky formula that doesn’t have the heaviness of an eye cream, the Shaba Complex blends black tea and copper peptides to turn back the clock on your under-eye area – even working to slow the signs of ageing before they appear. If you suffer with puffy, tired-looking eyes, this is the skincare product for you.

Protini Polypeptide Cream, £68

Drunk Elephant Protini Cream

Who says protein is just for shakes? Described as ‘the Megamino protein-powered get-sh*t-done cream’, this anti-ageing cream is packed with peptides, amino acids and pygmy waterlily to improve skin’s firmness, tone and texture. With continued use, skin is promised to look revived and more youthful.

The Littles, £90

Drunk Elephant Littles

Don’t fancy spending a ton of money on a new brand, or can’t afford to? We hear you. If you’re desperate to try the brand though, it’s worth saving up your pennies for The Littles, a set of travel minis that enable you to try the brand’s hero products in miniature form – Marula Oil, C-Firma, Framboos, the works.

As well as the bumper set, there are several other miniature duos available at much less of a price, so you can choose the two products that are best suited to your skin type – without breaking the bank.

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