A young girl almost died after drinking this energy drink

A school girl in the UK has become temporarily paralysed after drinking it

We get it, sometimes you just need a caffeine hit. Maybe, it’s because you’ve experienced insomnia, or you’re desperately fighting jet lag and feel like you just need that extra bit of help – but it could be time to rethink your caffeine consumption after reading this.

A school girl from Lanarkshire experienced stroke-like symptoms after drinking a bottle of her usual energy drink, Emerge.

After feeling unwell and collapsing, Caitlin Fraser felt the right-side of her body go numb. The teenager had suffered a hemiphlegic migraine because of the amount of caffeine in her body. Pretty scary stuff.

Other symptoms you can experience from this condition, aside from paralysis, are visual disturbances, sensory disruptions, speech disturbance and motor weakness.

According to The Mirror, Caitlin described the incident in detail: ‘The right side of my face dropped and I was wondering what was going on then two minutes later my full right side had dropped and I had no sensation down my right side. I was really scared, my friends then told the teacher who went and got a first aider and the school contacted my mum and dad and then phoned an ambulance.’

‘I used to buy this drink Emerge every day at lunch from the ice cream van which is parked outside school and some shops in the street. The doctors and consultant said if I drink this again I could end up having a cardiac arrest. I just want to make people aware of what happened to me, yes it’s very rare, but it can happen to you,’ she told the daily newspaper.

It’s worth noting that these energy drinks do come with a disclaimer against pregnant women or children drinking them, but it sounds as if everyone should take this as a warning, and to think about how much caffeine they are consuming each day.

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