The connection between scent and attraction, explained

Promotional feature with BOSS The Scent

Making the right choice when choosing a new fragrance may be more important than you think – so how do you find a scent that suits you and sends out all the right signals?

We all know a particular scent can bring up strong emotions and memories but you might be surprised to hear your sense of smell can work up to forty times faster than your thinking brain.

Amazingly, your nose works on a subconscious level in a way that your eyes and ears can’t match, meaning your sense of smell can take you way further and much deeper than any of your other senses.

Recent studies also suggest that finding your ideal partner could, in part, be down to your genes, which affect not only your natural odour (don’t panic!) but also how fragrance reacts with and develops on your skin.

What works with your own essence might smell completely different on someone else but, when chosen carefully, a perfume can create powerful links in our minds between pleasure and the object of our affection. That means those who are attracted to it will crave the hit again and again.

Take time to seek out new fragrances like the new BOSS The Scent , which has been expertly created to exude femininity and seductiveness with a combination of honeyed peach, fresh florals and moreish cocoa. Try spraying close to your pulse points as this is where most heat will be given off to radiate the scent.

In our digital age, when so many of us are turning to our phones in pursuit of love, could finding the perfect partner be as easy as sniffing out someone with opposite genes to ourselves? Blissfully easy as that would be, it’s a complex combination with kindness, looks and humour all playing a part in the rules of attraction. However, harnessing all our senses – augmented sensuality – may well be the key to connecting.

Hayley Quinn, a 31-year-old romance guru who has almost 100k YouTube subscribers and hosts regular all-day ‘renegade’ group training sessions for women – for which she charges £375 a head – agrees that a growing number of people she meets are hoping to disconnect in order to truly connect.

‘I’ve been doing this for 10 years now and already I’ve seen a shift. People are going on endless strings of dates, which are often unfulfilling and unrewarding.

‘Then there are online behaviours like ghosting (ending a relationship without explanation and withdrawing from all communication), orbiting (someone who ghosts you but continues to interact with your online posts without replying to personal DMs) and breadcrumbing (continuously leading someone on), not to mention the huge social media footprint that is left behind when a relationship goes wrong. All these make our past lives hard to detach from,’ she explains.

Whether you meet someone online or not, it’s the real-life interactions – as demonstrated in the new Hugo Boss advert featuring actor Jamie Dornan and Dutch model Birgit Kos – that matter the most.

Our senses operate at a subconscious and powerful level that simply doesn’t exist online. The scent someone exudes, their gaze, the body language of postural echoing and even just brushing against the right person can spark electricity. And whether you realise it or not, your sense of smell reigns supreme.

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