natural caesarean

What is a natural caesarean?

The pioneering childbirth method everyone's talking about

When it comes to childbirth, we’re often overwhelmed with the influx of information telling us what we should and shouldn’t be expecting or, rather, what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

Remember when everyone was talking about orgasmic birthing? (Yes, we had the same initial thought as you but stick with us here) or when expectant mothers all wanted a doula by their labour bedside?

Well, whether you’re debating a water birth or have already decided that you want the whole thing to be drug-free – or not – is totally up to you. Some mothers rely on traditional hospital births while others want low lighting, a specific soundtrack and weeks of hypnobirthing beforehand.

The main thing is that you do what is comfortable and safe for you and your baby.

And, considering that C-sections can often be a more stressful experience, it’s no wonder that the process of a ‘natural caesarean’ is becoming more popular, especially considering that 20-25% of women in Britain are currently giving birth via a C-section.

What does it involve? A natural caesarean is a way to make a serious surgery as gentle and slow as can be.

It involves the mother being able to see her baby actually being born (rather than the surgical drapes hiding this) and gives the baby a chance to wriggle their own way out of the womb after the incision has been made, rather than a doctor lifting them out straight away.

And, since initial and immediate skin-to-skin contact is recommended between babies and mothers, the baby is then placed on their mother’s chest. The mother will have been under a careful local anaesthetic so that she’s consciously able to do this.

And, all the medical processes that usually happen when a baby is born, like cord-clamping etc are all done while the mother is holding their baby (inside a blanket to make sure the baby does not get cold from the air conditioning in the operating theatre) and she is being stitched up.

This new pioneering method means that women can take more control of their C-section experience and can even choose to wear their own clothes, lay on their own pillow and have their chosen music on in the operating theatre.

And, because the baby is given a few minutes to deliver themselves (unless there are complications, of course,) their risk of lung problems are lowered too – as they are given the time to expel any liquid they had in their lungs from the uterus.

A natural ceasarean allows a baby to deliver themselves in a way that feels more instinctual to them and because this does not delay parental contact, the chances of the baby breastfeeding successfully increases while the chance of a mother suffering post-natal depression or difficulty bonding with her baby lowers.

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