Chocolate that helps you lose weight

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  • Every chocoholic's dream? The Spanish inventors of Lola say that their recipe tricks your brain into believing you are full...

    Every chocoholic’s dream may have just come true – you can now buy chocolate that makes you slim.

    The Spanish inventors of Lola say that special amino acids in their recipe trick your brain into believing you’re not hungry and stop you over-eating.

    The news will delight those of us with a sweet tooth – especially since the makers, Cocoa BIO, recommend eating one or two of the chocolates around one hour before a meal.

    Armando Yanez, one of the inventors, said people would feel ‘pleasantly full’ and less likely to overeat after eating Lola chocolates. The sweet treat includes phenylalanine, an amino acid, which stimulates a peptide hormone secreted by the brain to suppress hunger.

    The chocolate
    is due to go on sale in time for Christmas and is made using cocoa from Peru and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It tastes like ordinary chocolate but has a green tinge because it contains the dietary supplement spirulina, which is also known for its weight loss properties.

    Meanwhile, another ‘skinny’ chocolate bar has just hit UK shelves. The bar, created by British chocolatiers, promises to fill you up for longer, stopping the urge for sinful snacking.

    The makers of the Ador chocolate bar claim it is a ‘guilt-free’ pleasure thanks to a natural pine nut oil. This ingredient works as a natural appetite suppressant and triggers feelings of fullness.

    The 35g bar is available at Holland & Barrett stores nationwide for 99p.


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