Tested: BeautifulBreak Detox

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  • After an overindulgent (and extended) Christmas period of eating, I was more than ready to renounce my toxic ways and clean my body.

    The detox is a mixture of a specially designed vegan diet (high in complex carbs, low in protein and sugar) and thermal wraps (designed to force the body to sweat which eliminates toxins from your skin).

    I started in high spirits on a Friday morning, but within hours I was tired and violently craving a coffee and a biscuit. Exhausted, I went to bed early with a cup of lemon tea. Over the weekend I developed a serious headache that would not budge and I took to going to sleep early, fed up and feeling like I had the flu.

    By Monday, this started to clear and by Tuesday I began to feel amazing. My usual energy dips around 11am and completely disappeared; and because I wasn’t artificially waking myself up with sugar and caffeine, I didn’t crash again an hour later. I began to feel more level in my energy and was so much more awake when I got home. For the first time since Christmas I made plans with more than my sofa after work!

    By the end of the first week I had lost 3kg and my skin looked really clear. These results motivated me through the second and third weeks, which did get a little tough after the initial enthusiasm had settled. Recognising the need to stave off those ‘office cake’ moments, the eating plan provided me with a box of detox temptations every day, which kept me on track all those times when I would have cheerfully killed someone for a Crème Egg.

    The food was all prepared for me, which was great as it totally eliminated the possibility to substitute (read: cheat) as I have done on previous diets. Even drinks and snacks are provided so you don’t need to put in any thought into your meals at all.

    The thermal wraps, whilst not unpleasant, did take some getting used to. I lay on several hot water packs, before being wrapped tightly with thermal blankets and left to sweat out my toxins for an hour. I was slightly sceptical about how much these would help, but after the first one I felt like I’d done an hour in the gym!

    I slept amazingly well and my skin became softer and clearer almost immediately. The only downside was finding time to fit these in around a busy lifestyle. As a key part of the detox, it is necessary to have five wraps a week, so I would recommend clearing your diary before embarking on the program.

    Overall, the BeautifulBreak detox was a brilliant way to spring-clean my body. I have much more energy and I’ve lost 6kg. More importantly, because the BeautifulBreak detox is not a ‘diet’ (my calorie intake was consistently high), I should keep this weight off. I also feel that it has helped me break some bad eating patterns for good – something I’ve been trying to do for years.

    BeautifulBreak offers several detox packages, from one to three weeks and is offering a 25% discount for Marie Claire readers. If you would like to book a detox or have a consultation, visit beautifulbreak.com or call Ilona on 020 88585877 and quote reference number MC2010.

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