The 10 best anti-pollution products for skin

Live in the city? Listen up...

You might have seen the words ‘Anti-pollution’ in the latest skin care. A whole new breed of products have arrived claiming to kick pollution’s a** – and they’re here to stay.

You may already be following a rigorous skincare regime, slathering on SPF on a daily basis, and cramming your diet with superfoods. But if you aren’t also addressing the rising issue of pollution, you’re seriously missing a trick. Because it ages the skin quicker than you can say *wrinkles*.

While pollution was once seen as only an issue in Asia, now research has shown that UK levels – particularly in major cities – are undoubtedly high enough to compromise your complexion.

Leading scientists say that many roads in central London have the highest Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations in the world, (Independent 2015). A stat revealed last year that air pollution in London’s Oxford Street already breached the legal limit for the whole of 2015 – in the first four days of the year. If that doesn’’t make you want to hibernate in your room watching Stranger Things, I don’t know what will.

The major skin enemy is PM2.5: microscopic pollutant particles that measure less than two and a half microns (take note: they are seriously bad news). These particles not only clog pores, they can also penetrate right down to the epidermis and wreak havoc – speeding up cellular ageing and even causing hyper-pigmentation. (Yikes!)

To police pollution, make cleansing your face properly a priority. Do it as soon as you get home to ensure you aren’t leaving damaging toxins sinking into your skin (If you leave it until right before you go to bed, that’s several extra hours you’re allowing pollutant particles to do their worst).

And if you really want to stop pollution stealing your sparkle, invest in a targeted anti-pollution product. These are generally packed with potent antioxidants to neutralise the damaging free radicals caused by pollution. Some also create a clever barrier that stops the pollutant particles sticking to your skin in the first place. We’ve rounded up the 10 key products that combat scary city fumes and keep your glow intact. Add one to your regime pronto and breathe easy…

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