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What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' or 'Rich Site Summary'. RSS feeds enable you to access the latest content such as blogs, podcasts or news feeds, from your favourite websites completely free of charge. By subscribing to an RSS feed you can receive regular updates without even visiting the website and you can access all your feeds in one single place.

What do I need to receive an RSS feed?

All you need is an RSS reader. This is a free piece of software that can read the RSS feed and display it for you. If you are using a public computer, e.g. in an Internet cafe or library, you can use an online reader such as MyYahoo!, Bloglines or Google Homepage, alternatively you can install a reader such as Thunderbird or FeedDemon on your personal computer, this will keep your RSS feeds in one place for easy access.

Once I have a RSS reader how do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

You may have seen the RSS symbol - RSS feed logo - on many websites. This symbol shows the website has an RSS feed available. If you want to subscribe to a website's RSS feed, either drag and drop the button, or click on the button and paste the address from your browser address bar, into your feed reader.

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