Britain ‘too slow’ at reducing carbon emissions

Britain 'too slow' at reducing carbon emissions, say environmentalists

INNOVATIVE NEW LEGAL objectives for reducing the UK’s carbon emissions will not be met and Britain will fail to help stop global warming, environmentalists have cautioned.

Environment secretary, Hilary Benn, asked the new Committee on Climate Change to assess Britain’s goals for cutting emissions following a meeting which raised fears that a proposed 60% cut in carbon emissions by 2050 will not be enough.

The Climate Change Bill is the first of its kind and sets legally binding aims for reducing carbon emissions, based on a five-year carbon budget set at least 15 years ahead.

The first carbon budget will be set by the committee by September next year.

Martyn Williams, spokesman for Friends of the Earth, said: ‘Nobody knows the right level but everybody agrees 60% is not it.’

The shadow Environment Secretary, Peter Ainsworth, said: ‘The Government must now ensure that its policies match up to its rhetoric.’

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