No men allowed: The surge of the women-only club

by Natasha Wynarczyk

Women-drinking REX

A new trend of women-only clubs has emerged in London.

Women-only clubs and societies have sprung up in the capital, including private members' club Grace in Belgravia (where men are allowed on a Thursday night - but for dinner only), the Sorority Club in Holborn, KC'z Bar in Soho and beer-tasting club Dea Latis, showing a trend for places where professional women can socialise in exclusive spaces.

Many of these places are seen as 'safe areas', where women can go without being bothered or harassed by men.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, KC Gates, owner of KC'z's, said: 'Thereís the stereotype where women say canít eat or be themselves in front of a man, whereas they can let loose with their girls, and that is exactly what they are doing at these venues.

ĎI know women who want a place to eat thatís just for them, with female-only staff. Women who wear veils can come in and undress, and they donít have to hide.í

Grace's founder Kate Percival said her venue was a place where women could be supported. She said: 'Grace is not for spoilt women. It isnít just for ladies who lunch.

ĎFor me itís for professional women who recognise that theyíre fallible and need support. We talk about empowering women, giving them the tools to go out and be the best that they can be.í

Would you go to women-only clubs? Let us know in the comments below.



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