North Korean women can wear trousers and high heels at last

north korea IRA CHAPLAIN/Rex Features

The women of North Korea can now wear trousers, platform shoes and earrings - all of which have been banned up until now for being too Western.

The country's supreme leader Kim Jong Un is said to be following in the footsteps of his grandfather by relaxing clothing rules for women.

The only time women had been allowed to wear trousers was when they were working in the factories or during farming.

Women caught wearing trousers in the street faced penalties or police warnings.

Sometimes police would even cut women’s trousers into a skirt in the street.

But analysis by the Samsung Economic Research Institute has found more North Korean women are wearing skinny jeans, earrings and high heels.

Platform shoes are the second most popular item for women in North Korean society.

Kim Jong Un took over following his father Kim Jong Il’s death last December.

He has also introduced more Western food stuffs into North Korea, including pizzas, chips and cheeseburgers.



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