A quarter of men still dream about ex girlfriends

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One in four men still have dreams about their past girlfriends on a regular basis, a study has revealed.

Despite the results, however, the majority of men in question were found to be highly satisfied in their current relationship and no longer interested in their ex-partners.

'Our dreams help us learn, grow and process our emotions,’ says dream expert Davina MacKail. ‘This means they have a tendency to work issues out via their dreams - hence why they dream of exes. It may illustrate emotional vulnerabilities and insecurities they are exploring within their current partner.'

It is in fact more likely that your partner’s colleagues, or even bosses, are having dreams about you as apposed to your man, with 26 per cent of men admitting they dream of workmates, and sometimes even their mother-in-law.

The study, which asked 2,000 Britons about their dream patterns, was carried out by Premier Inn and found that close friendships tend to be a major impact amongst women - with one third of them dreaming about their friends

Researchers found that whilst men tend to bottle their emotions up, women are far more emotionally open within their relationships, and therefore dream about current issues.



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