Tiny gadgets make women's handbags 57% lighter

Victoria Beckham - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

From purses to waterproof plasters, we're all guilty of carrying the world in our handbags. But thanks to the rise of small, multi-purpose gizmos, it would seem we're heaping less onto our shoulders.

The rise of gadgets such as the iPhone and miniature MP3 players, has meant more and more women are leaving their heavy filofaxes at home to reduce the weight of their load.

Now, according to the research done by Debenhams, the average bag weights 3lb 5oz - equivalent to six packs of butter. That is a 57 per cent less than the average two years ago.

According to fashion insiders, this trend is likely to spark a return to smaller clutch bags, as opposed to the voluminous designs we've seen come out of Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

A spokesperson from Debenhams said: ‘The new generation of smaller, lighter multipurpose gadgets have replaced heavy laptops, old-fashioned mobile phones and Filofaxes.'

The store's handbag buyer, Sue Tebbitts, added: Two years ago, women were carrying around 7lb 11oz - the equivalent of 14 packets of butter - everywhere they went.

‘Finally the burden placed on working women is falling, and it's all thanks to technology.'




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