Dubai sex couple get jail sentence

Marie Claire News: Michelle Palmer

Brits Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors have been sentenced to three months in prison after being caught having sex on a beach in Dubai earlier this summer.

The pair, who made headlines around the world after their arrest, will appeal the sentence, which was passed this morning, although neither appeared in court to hear the verdict.

Michelle Palmer, who met Vince Acors at an ex-pat buffet in July, has reportedly been suffering from depression since her arrest and claims the pair was only 'hugging and kissing' when a policeman approached them on the beach.

Both parties also claim they were forced to sign statements in Arabic which they didn't understand following the arrest.

Commentators, however, say the sentence handed down could have been much, much worse and the three-month jail sentence (and subsequent deportion from the country) is a sign of the Dubai courts attempting to strike a balance between Western and Emirate cultures.


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Tuesday 30 August