Twitter more addictive than wine

Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol

Turning down a drink is easier than resisting the urge to check social networking sites or send another tweet, says new research.

The study of people’s everyday desires found that sleep and sex were the two things most longed for throughout the day, but the urge to log on to social networks is the hardest to resist.

Surprisingly, alcohol and tobacco promted much lower levels of desire, despite their reputation for being addictive.

‘As a day wears on, willpower becomes lower and self-control efforts are more likely to fail,’ says study leader, Dr Wilhelm Hofmann.

The team from the University of Chicago found that frequently resisiting a particularurgeraises the chances of caving in the next time, and constant efforts to resist temptationthroughout the day make cravings even stronger.

The study, published in the Psychological Science journal, logged nearly 8,000 reports about people’s every day desires.

Do you crave Twitter and Facebook more than a glass of wine? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.


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