Why a pregnant CEO is great news for women

by Emma Simkins

Marie Claire's sub editor Emma Simkins on why a pregnant CEO is great news for women Marie Claire

With the news that Marissa Mayer is to become the CEO of Yahoo whilst six months pregnant with her first baby, Marie Claire's mum-to-be Emma Simkins celebrates women breaking down barriers.

I consider myself a career woman and value my professional reputation dearly. But recently Iíve been wondering what comes next. At seven-and-a-half months pregnant Iíd be lying if I said I wasnít worried about what happens to my job prospects once Iím a mum.


It used to be that your career went on hold Ė temporarily, indefinitely, permanently even Ė once that baby bump started to protrude. Thatís if you were lucky enough for anyone to risk employing a 30-something woman and her deafening biological clock in the first place. So to hear that the six months pregnant Google exec Marissa Mayer, 37, has been appointed Yahoo CEO feels like a massive score for women everywhere.

Finally, womanhood, and more specifically pregnancy, is no longer a barrier to getting a job Ė and not just any old job: a high-level, kick-ass, career defining one. It gladdens my heart that women are increasingly being employed for their talent and not passed over because of their gender.


Of course, the one disappointment is that Mayer says her maternity leave will be just a few weeks long and sheíll be working through it. Maybe thatís her choice and maybe itís not, but at least thereís a small glimmer of hope there for career-orientated mums everywhere. Thatís something Iíll be focusing on during all those lonely night feeds.

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