One In Seven Women Find Love At The Office Christmas Party

Have you got your eye on a colleague?

Office Christmas parties are often famed for drunken mistakes, awkward conversations and ill-judged liaisons – but according to a new study, one in seven British women have found love at the annual event.

According to the research, 20% of women have entered into a long-term relationship after kissing a colleague under the mistletoe, with one in seven still with the same partner.

The study, which interviewed 2,000 women, found that between December 1st and Christmas, the average female will attend four Christmas parties, dinners and dos and spend £47 on grooming, and a further £100 on festive party outfits.
The results also showed that women will enjoy an average of 3 Christmas dinners – as well as 24 glasses of bubbly and 20 canapés each. No wonder we all join the gym come January.

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And though the stats about hooking up with work colleagues may seem surprising, the research, which was commissioned by CB12 First Class Breath, showed that 38% of women admitted they were going to buy an outfit to impress someone at work, with one in seven already keen on one person in particular.
However, it wasn’t all positive – 22% of those interviewed said they were worried about suffering the embarrassment of arriving on their own, while 21% felt they couldn’t relax due to the boss being present – and 20% dreaded feeling rough the next day.

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