New 'stay sober' pill limits effect of alcohol

Francesca Rice


If you tend to wake up with embarrassing drunken memories from the night before, you may be in luck, as scientists are developing a pill that limits the effects of alcohol.

The ‘stay sober’ pill may save you from drunken mistakes, by reducing the effects of alcohol on the brain.

In an experiment, mice given the pill didn't get tipsy despite consuming enough alcohol to make them stumble and fall over, the British Journal of Pharmacology reported.

The research paves the way for a new pill that could prevent us from making fools of ourselves on a night out.

By shutting off the immune response of the brain cells affected by alcohol, the pill managed to prevent the mice from getting drunk.

The animals’ reflexes were far better and they found it easier to walk and balance compared with the mice that were given alcohol but no pill.

University of Adelaide researcher Mark Hutchinson said: ‘When a mouse gets drunk, it is quite similar to a human that’s drunk. It can’t work its motor co-ordination properly. If you stop these immune cells from working, the animals didn’t get drunk.’

What do you think? Would a ‘stay sober’ pill detract from the fun of a night out? Let us know your views in the box below.



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