Botox used to ease high heel pain

Christian Louboutin high-heel shoes

Botox injections are being used to ease a new condition caused by years of wearing high heels.

The cosmetic procedure, familiar the world over as a quick fix injection to iron out wrinkles, is now being employed as a cure for a condition dubbed 'stilettotarsal', when pain hits the soft tissue on the ball of the foot, known as the metatarsal area.

Many women who have trotted about in stilettos for years are now suffering with the condition and being forced to resign their much-loved designer heels to the back of the closet, in favour of flats.

However, Botox injections are now being used to cure the problem, by injecting the chemical into the ball of the foot.

The increasingly popular procedure, known as a 'foot filler' is being carried out at the Birkdale Clinic in Crosby, Merseyside, where doctors say they have seen a 20% increase in the number of women in their 40s requesting the £295 procedure.

Marie Jenkins, patient co-ordinator at the clinic believe the treatment could become as popular as facelifts and boob jobs.

'This isn't the type of pain induced by a pair of new shoes but pain after years of teetering on high heels,' said Ms Jenkins.

'The balls of the feet take a lot of pounding in high heels but some women refuse to give up them up.

'They are an integral part of a woman's outfit and so women put up with the pain. But now they see they can do something about it by opting to have the extra padding.

'The procedure won't make their feet look any better but it will certainly protect the nerves and the soft tissue and make walking in their heels much easier.'



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Sunday 28 August

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