Breast milk can be flavoured

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It may not be what you want to hear if you're tucking into a banana milkshake today, but scientists have discovered that nursing mothers can produce flavoured breast milk.

New mothers can apparently produce banana milk of their own, simply by eating a banana an hour or less before they feed their baby.

And it is not just bananas that effect the flavour of breast milk, in tests mothers could make their milk taste of menthol, caraway seed and liquorice.

Scientists believe flavouring breast milk can be beneficial to babies, preparing them to try news foods as they grow up. Studies have shown in the past that what a mother ate could affect the taste preferences of her baby.

Lead researcher, Helene Hausner, spoke to New Scientist magazine saying: 'It's not like if the mother eats apple pie the baby thinks 'mmmm, apple pie', but it may make them more accepting of the flavour of other foods.

'Breastfeeding may prepare the infant for flavour changes and new experiences when they start to eat solid foods.'


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