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Jess Wood

Leandra Medine and Pandora Sykes

Did you know that every 0.25 of a second, a fashion blog is launched somewhere in the world? Well, not strictly true (actually, it probably is – we just don’t have the scientific evidence). But it seems like it, non?

Searching for online style inspiration, it’s easy to fall down the black hole of Insta-hell. When you finally look up from your phone, you realise you’ve spent two whole days scrolling through feeds in Korean - and you’re still in your dressing gown, with no idea what to wear (we’ve all been there). Which sort of defeats the point.

Well never fear, we’ve done the hard search for you. From our favourite UK blogs to the best missives from Milan and the coolest New Yorkers, read on for our definitive guide to the best-ever fashion blogs…

Who: Dutch-born, NYC-dwelling, statement dress-wearing fashion blogger, Charlotte G.

Why: Charlotte provides a sartorial how-to for styling statement dresses and skirts on her blog, She mixes up her ultra-feminine style with classic staples, with a quirky twist. Our go-to for dreamy dresses and dazzling prints, catch her at couture week where she makes eveningwear dresses look cool enough to wear by day too. Expect a pretty but fun take on fashion trends.

Pernille Teisbaek

Who: Lithesome, Danish, street style regular Pernille Teisbaek

Why: Born in Copenhagen, Pernille Teisbæk is the epitome of sleek, Scandi, style perfection. After launching her cult blog, Look De Pernille, in 2012 her pared-back but trend-savvy formula of raw hemmed jeans and Gucci loafers exploded across our social feeds. Check in for regular updates on what will be the next-big-thing in street style trends.

Helena Bordon

Who: Incredibly fabulous Brazilian blogger Helena Bordon

Why: Hailing from Sao Paulo, Helena Bordon is one of Brazil’s most influential style bloggers. She started her fashion education from a young age courtesy of her mother, Donata Meirelles, the style director of Vogue Brazil. When Helena was  just 7 years old, she’d join her mum at all the top fashion shows and eventually interned at Valentino. Now, Helena is co-founder of  Brazilian high street fashion chain 284, as well as finding the time to run her eponymous blog,, which offers Helena's insider style, travel and beauty tips. Disclaimer: expect holiday envy.

Man Repeller

Who: Fiercely funny New Yorker Leandra Medine.

Why: Of Turkish/Iranian Jewish descent, Medine kicked off her career with a blog called Boogers + Bagels. Her ironic fashion-addict asides soon had her readers rolling in the aisles, and she decided to focus on the topic full-time after a joky conversation while out shopping with a friend about how ‘man-repelling’ all the fashion-forward outfits they loved were. It’s now a male-scaring empire, providing in-depth intel: ‘The difference between Mom Jeans and Dad Jeans’, the fabulous ‘Manstagram’ – all the best fash items du jour – and fun features and style news aplenty.

She says: “I really see Man Repeller as an attitude and fashion as a language that we use to connect with other women.”


Who: 24-year-old country girl Carrie Harwood, now based in London

Why: Lipstick lover Harwood's casual style has a super-cute retro tinge and we love her shoots in colourful locations - stripy all-in-one and heart shape sunnies in the fairground at Brighton Pier, anyone? We also like her fashiony travel section, documenting what she wears on her trips, everywhere from a friends' wedding in Norway to the Greek islands.

She says: "If you like cats, ‘60s dresses and junk food as much as I do, then we’ll get along just fine! I started up 5 years ago as a geeky 17 year old. I always had an online diary of sorts (LiveJournal anyone?), so starting a blog was inevitable! I snap everything from fashion and food to London and cities across the world for the blog."

Park & Cube

Who: Seoul-born London dweller Shini Park

Why: A creative whirlwind, Park's blog design - clean and graphic - reflects her cool pared-back approach and covers everything from her fashion week outfits to food. She also works as a graphic designer and photographer. The best bit of her blog by far is the DIY section - where she documents style projects galore with lots of easy to follow pictures. From beginner level - rustle yourself up some Faberge-Egg inspired nails with some polish, glitter, a pencil and a pin - to Great British Sewing Bee-worthy: see her step by step guide to sewing together two different coloured cardis to make a duo-toned 'carduogan' (yes she did make that up). We'll totes be putting chains on the backs of our boots for some DIY tasselled heels.

Stella's Wardrobe

Who: History graduate Stella Kattermann

Why: Finnish/German/Czech/Russian (she's one quarter each), Kattermann is instantly recognisable for her bleached do and serious fringe. Her kooky fash-clash styling has seen her photographed everywhere. Her blog is suitably personal, from the hand-written font style to the illustrations, and her musings on everything from the fluffy - hot East London burger joint tip-offs - to the serious - thoughts about her father's death last year and why fashion actually matters.

Coco's Tea Party

Who: South West London-born Ella Gregory

Why: Approachable and accessible with a slightly work-focused twist, Gregory's blog is all about feel-good fashion and interesting features - who doesn't want to know about the story behind the wedding dresses of four style insiders or what a cool web developer wears to work?

She says: "Coco’s Tea Party is a lifestyle blog dedicated to providing attainable style inspiration for fashion-savvy young professionals. We believe that life is more fun when filled with beautiful things – whether it be a cosy cashmere sweater, glossy coffee table book or new lipstick – and that it shouldn’t cost a fortune to build a stylish, colourful life."

5 Inch and Up

Who: Finnish native, London-based design graduate Sandra Hagelstam

Why: She covers fashion and beauty but her blog has always focused heavily on the shoe element. We love her new feature: Shoe of the Month, an exhaustive tried-and-tested of the latest heels – so now we know exactly how comfy Saint Laurent’s ‘Candy’ platforms are and whether they run true to size.

She says: “I blog about the things I wear and the shoes I love. My blog is all about high heels and effortless style. Good quality wardrobe basics are what I feel most comfortable in. As long as it's paired with a 5 inch heel, you will never see me in flats....”

Gary Pepper Girl

Who: Absurdly gorgeous Australian Nicole Warne

Why: The vintage-obsessed Western Australian started with an Ebay store selling vintage clothes until her blog sideline began garnering serious attention. She now rules the Sydney fashion roost, with a style-icon empire that extends to presenting, modelling (she’s signed to the same agency as Miranda Kerr), consulting and judging – she recently sat alongside Vogue Australia’s editor on the panel for the Australian BT Emerging Fashion Designer Award. Mainly, we just love her glossy, colour-saturated Insta feed. Drool.

Camille Over the Rainbow
Who: Parisienne expat Camille Charriere, now based in London.

Why: The leggy blonde provides a tres chic mix of outfit inspiration – her personal style definitely has that insouciant French vibe - and trend and brand lowdowns. The ‘boutique’ section of her site is a one-stop shop for the pieces she loves – and we also like the fact she has regular wardrobe clearouts via Vestiaire so true Camille-alikes can snap up her actual clothes…

She says: “COTR is a destination for a mixture of emerging and luxury fashion, with a particular emphasis on Scandinavian labels.”


Who: Hilariously laid-back Phil Oh

Why: After an erm, varied career including trashy novel-writer and much-fired restaurant worker, Oh started taking pictures of quirky outfits that caught his eye on the streets of New York. Now his street style pictures cover cities from Warsaw to Jakarta, with an eye that always zooms in on the colourful and cool.

He says: “I started Street Peeper around 2006 as an excuse to travel around, documenting what the kooky kids were wearing. Now it’s evolved to capturing the style, along with the chaos and mayhem that occurs outside shows during fashion weeks. “

The Frugality

Who: London-based fashion stylist Alex Stedman

Why: Thrifty tips and hot high street bargains a-plenty, Stedman’s pearls of wisdom focus on how to live well for less, from sharing how she clears her credit card debts to her favourite stylish cheap-eat restaurants.

She says: “My blog is a fashion and lifestyle website for real people, living on a normal budget. I swear by affordable clothes and offer advice on what to invest in, and what not to. After all - budget or no budget - everyone likes a bargain.”

Disney Roller Girl

Who: Fashion editor and stylist Navaz Batliwalla

Why: She began posting missives from the fashion front line as ‘an anonymous fashion insider’ while working full-time at a magazine. Now a freelance stylist and consultant, her blog covers the worlds of design, art and beauty as well as fashion. Posts range from visual inspiration and arty pics from insider press events to musings on emerging trends and designers.

She says: “I cover design, art, beauty, retail and emerging trends while feeding my curiosity about the business and craft of fashion (blogging career high: the Hermes factory visits). My personal taste veers towards luxurious practicality - think Margaret Howell meets APC with a side of pop art frivolity!”

We Wore What

Who: New Yorker Danielle Bernstein

Why: Cool, clean outfit inspiration and handy get-the-look items to click through and buy for each

She says: “WeWoreWhat is a fashion blog I created to provide a daily dose of outfit inspiration from every corner of NYC. I highlight my everyday outfits as well as my experience in this city that never sleeps. What should be the easiest part of everyone’s day (getting dressed in the morning) is sometimes the hardest – and that’s why I blog.”

Wearing It Today

Who: Fashion editor and London-based Italian hottie Laura Fantacci

Why: The bronzed brunette has gorgeous style, a gorgeous toddler, a gorgeous house and always looks gorgeous. In fact, it could all be incredibly irritating if she wasn’t also so smiley and totes helpful – want the best designer-alike flat sandals? The chic-est white shirts? To know how to do leather culottes? If classic with a twist is your thing and you need styling inspiration, she’s your girl. Top marks for her weekly ‘Mama Friday’ post– goodbye stained tee and jeans, hello Belstaff bikers and the perfect peacoat – her beauty knowhow and her brand extensions. She and pal Petro Stofberg also do a website, Wardrobe Icons, a shoppable edit of the best ‘forever’ fashion items, and a weekly e-zine, ICONS Update. Warning: you will want her life.

She says: “While every other style website focuses on what’s in fashion, with Wardrobe Icons, we reveal what never goes out of fashion. I love a classic white shirt and a simple cashmere V-neck but I also love mad shoes, statement jewellery and a fringed bag. The key, for me, is all in the mix: sequins with denim, a trench over a ballgown. Classic but always with a twist.”

La Petite Anglaise
Photo credit: Holly McGlynn

Who: London-based writer and model Ella Catliff

Why: The elfin Catliff started writing her blog when she was a fashion intern in Paris, sharing discoveries of new shops and the outfits she wore during her first foray into the industry. If you long to look like a Parisienne version of Alexa Chung, Catliff’s style is for you – her Look du Jour is chocka block with silk scarves, chic accessories and skinny denim aplenty.

She says: “La Petite Anglaise is basically a colourful, fun and (hopefully) well written reflection of my life within the wider context of the fashion world. I’ve also expanded it to include lifestyle, travel and beauty. After all, clothes don’t exist in a vacuum so I love to be able to write about a great outfit and then also share where I wore it.

Advanced Style

Who: New York photographer Ari Seth Cohen

Why: If you don’t think style should stop at 40 (or 50, or 60, or 70, or 80…) Cohen’s dazzling street style snaps of stylish seniors is a treat. He grew up worshipping both his glam grannies and parlayed his respect for the older lady into a USP as a young photographer in NYC. The story of the blog has been turned into a documentary and he also speaks out on issues facing society’s elderly. But mainly, he just loves taking pics – turbans, capes, full sets of false lashes, OTT baubles…Cohen’s girls got it all goin’ on…

He says: “Advanced Style is dedicated to the style and stories of the silver-haired set. By showing positive images of aging I hope to inspire people to change their perceptions of growing older. With age comes an incredible advancement in personal expression, creativity, and style.”

In Detail
Photo credit: Jack Margerison for In Detail

Who: Former jewellery designer Beanie Major

Why: Major used to work for Alexander McQueen’s favourite jeweller Shaun Leane and now her blog is the go-to for fashionable gem lovers. She goes inside the jewellery boxes of insiders like Rihanna’s stylist Avigail Collins, shooting them at home surrounded by their fabulous pieces. We also love her interviews with hot young jewellers like Ana De Costa and her zoomed-in street style snaps.

She says: “In Detail is the go-to site for all things sparkly. Bringing you the latest jewellery trends, interviews with emerging designers and a peek inside the jewellery boxes of London’s tastemakers. Think ‘The Coveteur’ but for jewels.”

Nadia Aboulhosn

Who: Size 16 Harlem-dweller Nadia Aboulhosn.

Why: She’s a style icon for girls with curves, pouring her figure into everything from minis to bodycon dresses to short shorts and thigh-high gladiators with more confidence than J-Lo. Lena Dunham loves her – and so do American Apparel and Boohoo, who’ve used her in their campaigns. Just looking at her smouldering selfies makes us worry a bit less about that muffin top and work it a bit more. Roar…

She says: “The entire concept of my blog is fearlessness, being comfortable with who you are and what you wear. Not being afraid to show who you are regardless of whatever journey you're on.”

En Brogue

Who: InStyle’s Hannah Rochell, London fashion journalist

Why: If you can’t walk in heels, let alone run – En Brogue is, as the name suggests, a site devoted to all things flat and shoe-related. The uber-fashionable Rochell loves a statement look but can’t be doing with heels and happily teams her Marni leather coat with loafers for the FROW. From how to style out a Velcro sports sandal to the best lace-up ghillies to how to work a wedding-guest look in flats, it’s all here.

She says: “En Brogue is a blog for women who love fashion and love shoes, but hate heels. You can be stylish in flats!”

Peony Lim

Who: Chinese/English stylista Peony Lim

Why: Flitting between Asia and London, Lim’s uber-polished site is like an online magazine reflecting all the facets of her uber-polished life. With sections on every type of trend and item, the ‘outfits’ section starring Lim’s looks are more like glossy fashion shoots than gritty street style. She also covers food – this week is very fennel slaw – and travel.

She says: “My site is about sharing the things that inspire me and that I hope will inspire others. It’s a whole lifestyle diary, from what I wear, to where I travel. Food is a big part of the site and my life. The style of the whole site is classic luxury. I try never to be trend driven."

Vanessa Jackman

Who: Aussie lawyer-turned-photographer Vanessa Jackman, now based in London.

Why: One of the new breed of street style photographers, Jackman’s sunny, light-infused pics of fashion’s finest – always including the season’s coolest models - outside the shows have a nostalgic vintage vibe. She’s also an in-demand fashion photographer, shooting stories for magazines galore.

She says: "In search of beauty from behind the camera lens through travel, streetstyle and fashion editorials".

All the Pretty Birds

Who: Jamaican-born New Yorker Tamu McPherson

Why: She nearly became a lawyer, but luckily for street-style lovers everywhere, McPherson decided to move to Milan and start nabbing the fash-crowd for her blog instead. Her eye is always drawn to the colourful and unusual. Check out ‘Tamu’s Café’ – bake ‘n’ chat vids where she chats to fashion insiders and designer types while they whip up (and eat) a batch of cranberry scones or guacamole arepas

She says: “I am a lion, distracted daydreamer, hopeless romantic, legally blond, pretty in pink, fiercely loyal, genetically engineered to seek out the happiness of my loved ones, simplistically idealistic, champion for the underdog, too sensitive at times, and just plain human.”

Lise Grendene

Who: Brazilian-born London-based goddess Lise Grendene

Why: The daughter of the founder of Melissa shoes, self-described ‘gypsy at heart’ Grendene was inspired by her fashion-loving mum growing up in Rio and started her blog after studying fashion in Milan. We love her slinky style and her lifestyle posts with a sustainable twist.

She says: “My platform is a place to follow me around the world. I like the idea of being able to transport readers into this fantasy world of fashion. It’s also a place to share my passion for everything green. There's a limit to our world’s resources, but this doesn't have to limit our access to style and those little luxuries in life.”

Natalie Hartley Wears

Who: Glamour UK’s fashion director Natalie Hartley

Why: The mag world’s edgiest fashion director has been blogging about her look since before most people knew what a blog was. Denim culottes, dungarees, socks with sandals…do not attempt any summer trend without checking out her cheeky pics showing you how she does it. This is one fashion girl who does not take herself too seriously. Bonus points for her win the item feature – most of her posts feature a piece for readers to win.

She says: “My style is relaxed with easy masculine pieces that I dress up. Jeans are my staple, especially my mens’ 501s. The blog is about having fun with clothes but keeping things playful so that people feel they can achieve a style without feeling like a fashion victim.”

Tommy Ton

Who: Canadian photographer Tommy Ton

Why: Along with the Sartorialist, he’s the Big Daddy of street style – his molto-imitated (but never bettered) signature is zoomed-in landscape shots, showing fabrics, details and accessories close up in all their glory. His backstage and front of house show pictures are just as in – see his super-cool take on behind the scenes at shows from Lanvin to Proenza Schouler.

Style Bubble

Who: Londoner Susanna Lau

Why: An oldie but still such a goodie, Lau’s blog features her musings on everything from the Dior Resort show to her fave new discoveries from the tiny brands at the LFW stands. She’s been snapping and writing about everything fashion since 2006 and from being an industry outsider, she’s earned her place as Queen Bee of the Blogosphere (and her place front and centre of the FROW)

Pandora Sykes

Who: Writer, stylist and Fashion Features Editor at The Sunday Times Style

Why: Sharp as a tack with the looks and fashion sense of Diane Kruger, we’re hooked on Sykes’ killer combo of great outfits – vintage florals and patent biker, anyone? – and vay funny ‘social commentary’. Recent winners include a love letter to Jilly Cooper and why Sykes will never join Snapchat.

She says: “Style should be fun and fashion is not a lone Endeavour. You can be interested in shoes and still care about world politics. My blog aims to be fun but thoughtful - and give people a new way to look at things.”

Blonde Salad

Who: Italian law student and fashionista Chiara Ferragni

Why: The blog gets its name from Ferragni’s ‘mixed salad’ of interests – fashion, photography, lifestyle and travel. The molto-glam blonde (of course) and her TBS crew reveal all about everything from ‘the best hotel pools in the world’ to the best bubblegum lip colours and the best celebrity wedding dresses of all time. Not to mention Ferragni’s looks of the day and shoots featuring her leggy style a-go-go.

The Sartorialist

Who: New Yorker Scott Schuman

Why: The biggest Big Daddy of them all (well, he’s actually quite short but you know what we mean), the man who invented the art of the street style snap needs no intro. Books, ad campaigns, and a blog-power-pairing later (hello, girlfriend Garance Dore) he’s more famous than most of the people he shoots. Our personal faves are his mens’ shots – who doesn’t want to see chic Italian granddads with perfectly tilted hats? Not to mention the debate raging amongst the fash-nerds in Comments about whether the coat’s technically a Crosby or not.


Who: Filipino Bryan Gray Yambao

Why: You have to love a man who calls a Balenciaga asymmetric top a ‘spring essential’ – and who doesn’t shy away from wearing white lace Sacai jumpsuits. Yup, the young Marc Jacobs mega-fan from Manila (remember the bag MJ named after him?) has matured into a full-blown fashion icon, starring in ad campaigns for Boss Eyewear, propping up the world’s luxury labels with his shopping habit – and writing about it.

Check out his ‘lewks’ for LOLs aplenty.


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