Women's time-wasting handbag habit

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A new study has revealed that the average woman spends a massive 76 days of her lifetime rummaging in her handbag.

Equating to a total of four and a half minutes a day, the research conducted by Bagatidy, found that the contents of our bags were also increasing, making us more likely to lose items.

The most commonly mislaid things were keys, followed by phones, make-up, perfume and purses.

Experiencing the problem first hand, journalist Francine Cohen teamed up with friend Marcia Raynard and came up with the concept for Bagatidy.

The ingenious device allows women to simply keep all their possessions in the Bagatidy, which can then be easily transferred from bag to bag, cutting out the risk of losing things between handbags.

Once inside the bag, you can then easily see where everything is.

Professor Patrick MacArtney, psychologist and sociologist, Leeds University comments, 'I think 'Bagatidy' will help women cope with the demands they encounter due to modern lifestyles. It's also safe to conclude that using it to reduce the daily little hassles we all encounter will benefit health in mind and in body.'


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