Luella’s new store is raided

Luella's new London store is raided for £10,000 worth of handbags

THE OPENING OF Luella Bartley’s first London shop was one of the big events at London fashion week, but less than a week later the store has been raided and £10,000 worth of handbags stolen.

Yesterday morning a gang on mopeds smashed into the Mayfair shop and took around 20 designer handbags. They had also raided Brora on Marylebone High Street a few minutes before, and took a selection of cashmere rugs and jumpers.

Though CCTV covered both stores extensively, the gang wore crash helmets throughout the raid and ensured that number plates were blacked out to avoid detection.

This style of raid has occurred a number of times recently at luxury designer stores around the West End. Asprey lost £400,000 worth of jewellery in one such robbery, and thousands of pounds worth of shoes were taken from Roger Vivier.

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