Jackie Collins’ House Is Up For Sale And It’s Everything We Hoped It Would Be And More

Jackie Collins
Hilton and Hyland
Jackie Collins' House

Jackie Collins was far more fabulous than your average. In fact, we’d go as far to say that she was one of the pioneers of utterly fabulous women, so it’s no surprise that she had a house to match.


When the best-selling author passed away in September following a private battle with breast cancer, she left behind a sprawling mansion in Beverly Hills, which is now on the market for $30million… and worth every penny if the photos are anything to go by.

Just as she wasn’t one for subtleties in her writing, Ms. Collins wasn't one when it came to her home, either. The property is over 20,000 sq.ft - almost an acre - and boasts over eight bedrooms, two studies and five writer's desks, which look over the Hollywood Hills.

We can just imagine her sipping on champagne, writing about men in tight trousers, while gazing over Hollywood. Glorious.

Extra touches of glamour come in the form of a 100-foot-long art gallery that leads to a guesthouse, a gym, sauna, and screening room. Meanwhile, outside the mansion there is a swimming pool with a cabana and a motor court. Just wow.

But where did Jackie take her inspiration from for her dream home? Well, David Hockney’s painting A Bigger Splash, of course.


She came across the piece while at a London art gallery in 1989 with her second husband, Oscar Lerman.  'I couldn't take my eyes off the pool and fell in love with the clean lines, suspended splash and overall tranquility,' she told the Wall Street Journal in 2014.

'Within days, I was sketching a design for a new home that wrapped around a pool based on the one in the painting.' She added: ‘From the ceilings and sinks to shelves and phone and computer outlets, they all just had to be so.’

The estate was completed in 1992, the same year that her husband Oscar died of prostate cancer, and is now being sold by real estate firm, Hilton and Hyland.


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