Brad Pitt defends Chanel No. 5 adverts

Suzannah Ramsdale
Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt has defended the Chanel No.5 perfume adverts that he recently starred in.

The gorgeous actor was paid a fortune to head up the latest campaign for the fashion house and the ads got a huge reaction, but perhaps not one the actor had hoped for.


The TV adverts, which were directed by Anna Karenina's Joe Wright, see Brad looking dashing, talking to the camera and saying: 'The world turns and we turn with it, and plans disappear, dreams take over... but wherever I go, there you are, my luck, my fate, my fortune.'

The ads have since been parodied by the likes of Saturday Night Live and Conan O’Brien, amongst others, but Brad doesn't mind one bit.

He told Access Hollywood: ‘I’ve been overseas, so I’ve been blissfully protected.'

He added: ‘I haven’t [seen the parodies], but I say absolutely fair play, fair play.'

During his appearance on Good Morning America yesterday, Brad, 48, went on to defend the Chanel ads, saying: 'I kind of liked it... I respect what they do. They do some really quality things.'

We agree.

What do you think of Brad Pitt's Chanel adverts? Let us know in the comment box below. 

Watch: Brad Pitt's Chanel No.5 ad below:


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