Sienna Miller to play Hitchcock blonde Tippi Hedren

Sienna Miller has been cast to play the lead role of Tippi Hedren in a new BBC drama based on the star who fell victim to the 'twisted and obsessive' infatuation by Alfred Hitchcock


Sienna Miller will star opposite Brit actor Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock in a new BBC drama about the legendary director's unhealthy obsession with the actress Tippi Hedren.

The film, titled The Girl, conveys the sexual harassment the 62-year-old British film director inflicted on Hedren, 31 at the time, who was regarded as the last of the 'Hitchcock blondes'.

Gwyneth Hughes, the writer of the BBC2 drama, explained it has taken a while for Tippi to talk about her affair with Hitchcock.

'At the time, in the early 1960s, the American star suffered in silence. But now, at the age of 81, her wisdom and insights have helped me to put her real life ordeal on to the screen.'

'Everyone knows Hitchcock was keen on his blondes. Unfortunately for Tippi, he developed a twisted and obsessive love for her that left her feeling isolated and terrified.

'Today we would call it sexual harassment but that concept had not been accepted back then.'

Hedren who was most famously cast in Hitchcock's film The Birds, told WENNshe was 'thrilled and honoured' to to learn the 29-year-old Sienna Miller would be playing her.

The film, based on biographer Donald Spoto's book, Spellbound By Beauty, will explore Hedren's relationship with director Alfred Hitchcock, who became infatuated with his leading lady and pursued the impossible dream of winning her love, damaging both their careers.

Hitchcock was known to have a penchant for blonde actresses including Grace Kelly, Kim Novak and Eva Marie Saint, and soon became obsessed with Hedren after spotting her in a TV advert in 1962. 

We'll be able to see Sienna's depiction of Tippi when the film airs on BBC2 next year.




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