Cheryl Cole under fire over final three X Factor girls

Sarah Karmali

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The final 12 X Factor hopefuls were revealed to the world last night, and angry fans are already venting their fury over Cheryl Cole's 'blatant double standards', after viewer favourite Gamu Nhemgu failed to make it through.


Following the last 'judges' houses' stage of the audition process, Cheryl chose her final three contestants as Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel - despite the latter two giving disastrous performances so late in the game.

Cher, 17, and Katie, 24, both broke down in front of Cheryl and her co-judge Will.I.Am, with Cher struggling to sing a single note after reportedly suffering from a throat infection.

Yet, the judge opted to put them both through into the live shows, ahead of widely-tipped favourite, 18-year-old Gamu - despite her vocally-strong final audition.

Cheryl and the girls - X Factor 2010 - Marie Claire

Angy fans instantly took to Twitter and Facebook in order to vent their frustration, with one viewer saying: 'Cheryl seems to have lost the plot. You wonder if malaria has made her unbalanced.'

Another fan added: 'Guess the rumours are true and X Factor really is fixed,' while another Tweeted that the decision was 'utter madness.'

Even Simon's right-hand gal Sinitta chipped in, Tweeting: 'Still stunned about Gamu! What is wrong with Tweedy pie?'

Gamu Nhengu - X Factor 2010 - Marie Claire

Within minutes of the announcement, the phrase 'Hate Cheryl Cole' was trending on Twitter, while a protesting Facebook group attracted over 25,000 members within just three hours of the show's broadcast.  

However, with last night's programme ending on the announcement that there would be a 'big twist' for next week's live show - rumours are already circulating suggesting that either one or four 'wildcard' contestants will have a chance to be put through.

In a ratings-winning move, it is being speculated that each judge may get to put forward one more contestant from their category to enter a last-minute vote to either be the lucky 13th finalist, or to create a mixed-bag fifth category...

Either way, we have a sneaky suspicion this may not be the last we've seen of Gamu Nhengu yet this series...

What do YOU make of Cheryl's decision? Should Gamu have gone through? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!




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