Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar in the toilet!

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In an interview with GMTV Kate Winslet revealed that she keeps her award on the back of the toilet.

The actress, who won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as a Nazi war criminal in the film The Reader, revealed to GMTV presenter Kate Garraway that she keeps her award sat on 'the back of the loo'.

Giggling, Kate said that she kept it there so that visitors 'can sneakily have a little [hold] and put it back down again.' She explained that she understood that everyone would want to touch it saying, 'everybody wants to hold it and go "Oh, my gosh," and "How heavy is it?" So I figured if I put it in the loo, then people can avoid the whole, "Where's your Oscar?" thing.'

Winslet, 34, also told Garraway that her acting icon is Meryl Streep, because, 'she's always so true to herself,' and that she admires Angelina Jolie's beauty on the red carpet.

The Titanic actress went on to explain why she relishes the chance to dress up for awards season: 'Especially as a mum,' she said, 'you get so few moments to feel good in your own skin and to wear a lovely gown.'



Where would you keep an award like an Oscar? And whose red carpet style do you admire? Have your say in the comments box below.


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Monday 29 August

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