Keanu Reeves to have paternity test

by Kate Matharu


Keanu Reeves and Jude Law should go for a beer together – after news that Reeves is also being labelled as the father of a woman’s child.

The Speed star has agreed to paternity testing after a woman claimed the A-lister has fathered at least one of her four children.

The Toronto Sun newspaper has reported that Reeves’ lawyer confirmed to press yesterday that his client had consented to the DNA testing, but the Matrix actor was absent from court proceedings yesterday.

The woman, Karen Sala, has demanded £92,000 per month in child support, backdated from June 1988 and £1.8 million a month in spousal support, from November 2006 onwards.

Sala has spoken out about her claims saying: ‘This is not about revenge or an attack on his good character - it's about closure and getting some peace. This is a personal journey.’

Either Reeves has one crazy stalker on his hands or he’s got a big bill coming his way. The 45-year-old’s rep, Cheryl Maisel, insists the star has no idea who the Canadian woman is. The plot thickens…


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