Why Brad and Jen were never meant for each other

Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars 2009

Jennifer Aniston was never destined to achieve happy-ever-after with ex-husband Brad Pitt because she is a ‘builder’ and he is an ‘explorer’, according to romance scientists.

People have one of four chemicals in their brain that moulds romantic chemistry, scientists explain.

In ‘builders’ like Aniston, serotonin is the dominant chemical, making them calm and cautious.

Explorers’, like Brad Pitt, meanwhile, are led by dopamine, creating a more spontaneous and risk-taking romancer.

And, yes, you’ve guessed it, Brad’s current partner Angelina Jolie is an ‘explorer’, too.

Professor Helen Fisher, an expert in the science of love, said: ‘It’s possible to scientifically understand why people partner better with certain types.’

Poor Jen - she was doomed from the very start!




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