Angelina Jolie doll sells for £2000


A scarily life-like Angelina Jolie doll has been sold on eBay for a whopping £2000.

Bee-stung lips? Check. Perfectly-shaped eyebrows? Check. Little mole on forehead? Check. Ice-blue eyes, tiny button nose, heart-shaped face, check, check, check.

The doll, hand-painted by Noel Cruz, truly is the spitting image of the stunning Wanted star.

The Angelina Jolie doll started life just like any other ordinary doll, but was given a makeover by Cruz, who removed the factory paint before re-touching its face with acrylics. He even added a long brown wig and a glamorous full-length dress worthy of the Hollywood star.

And now, an internet bidder has parted with £2000 to snap up the copycat doll from eBay.

Noel Cruz, of the Philippines, started painting portraits aged 16 and moved on to celebrity doll-making when he was looking for a new figurine to add to his wife’s collection.

Wonder what Angelina herself would think? Two thousand pounds for a life-like doll of yourself could be seen as a huge complement – or just downright scary…




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