Marion Cotillard sparks controversy with 9/11 comments

Marie Claire red carpet photos: Marion Cotillard, Oscar winner 2008

Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard has sparked controversy after claiming she believed that the US fabricated 9/11. In an interview, the La Vie En Rose actress questioned the truth behind the attacks on the Twin Towers. She commented, 'I think we're lied to about a number of things.' Singling out 9/11 she added, 'We see other towers of the same kind being hit by planes. Are they burned? There was a tower, I believe it was in Spain, which burnt for 24 hours. It never collapsed. None of these towers collapsed. And there, in a few minutes, the whole thing collapsed.' Speaking of the World Trade Centre she continued, 'It was a money-sucker because they were finished, it seems to me, by 1973, and to re-cable all that, to bring up-to-date all the technology and everything, it was a lot more expensive, that work, than destroying them.' The interview featured on a Paris television programme last year, but went largely unnoticed as Cotillard was not well-known outside of France. Now since her recent Oscar win, the interview has been re-published on French site Marianne2, causing controversy in America. Cotillard's lawyer has quickly defended the actress, claiming she 'never intended to contest nor question the attacks'.


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