Oprah gives $2.1 million gifts

Oprah Winfrey gives guests $7,000 worth of gifts each at annual 'favourite things' show

OPRAH WINFREY GAVE guests attending her television show $7,000 worth of gifts each in her annual Oprah’s favourite things episode. The 300 audience members arrived at the show believing that the theme was to be American hometowns, and were unaware that they would be attending the talk shows annual gift bonanza.

Oprah gave away a total of $2.1 million worth of goods, including fridges with built in HD televisions, watches, camcorders, UGG boots and beauty products.

She also called on the help of her celebrity friends, such as Tom Cruise, who famously declared his love for Katie Holmes on her sofa. The actor donated luxury DVD sets of 90 United Artist films for each guest.

The show took place last week in Macon, Georgia. The city was chosen because it has the most Oprah watchers in the US.

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