Michelle Williams talks Marilyn Monroe weight gain

Michelle Williams reveals how she transformed into style icon Marilyn Monroe for her new role in 'My Week With Marilyn'

Michelle Williams has opened up on her transformation into style icon Marilyn Monroe for her new role in ‘My Week With Marilyn’ revealing she set to work piling on the pounds to reach the screen siren’s size 14 shape.


One of the most recognisable Hollywood faces of the Golden age of movies, when Michelle Williams was cast to play Marilyn Monroe in her new movie ‘My Week With Marilyn’ critics weren’t quite sure how she would pull it off.

But pictures from the new film show the resemblance is uncanny.

To transform into the silver screen goddess, it wasn’t just the wig and beauty spot that Williams had to wear. To reach Monroe’s size 14 body, Michelle had to pile on the pounds.

‘I wasn’t watching what I ate, let’s put it that way,’ Michelle told People magazine at the film’s New York premiere.

But according to director, Simon Curtis, it wasn’t just the weight gain that helped Williams get into character. He added: ‘An awful lot is Williams’s understanding of the way Marilyn walked, and the way Williams herself took on the wiggle.’

According to Don Murray, who worked closely with Monroe in 1956’s Bus Stop, he said, ‘It’s very, very accurate. Having spent 14 weeks with Marilyn, I know what she was really like. And Michelle really catches it.’

‘She did all the hard work, knew how to dance, shimmy,’ added Kenneth Branagh, who plays Sir Laurence Olivier in the film.

When Michelle, 33, was asked what she liked about Marilyn’s 1950’s fashion she said, ‘I liked her kind of simplicity. She was so extraordinarily beautiful, but really quite unadorned.’

The film, which also stars Emma Watson, Dominic Cooper and Eddie Redmayne, follows the story of film director Colin Clark in a week with Monroe as he chaperoned her around the UK after her new husband left the country on business.

The eagerly-anticipated movie premieres next week and hits screens on Friday 24 November.


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