Brooke Shields nude photo banned from Tate

A nude photograph of Brooke Shields aged 10 has been removed from an exhibition at Tate Modern

A nude photograph of Brooke Shields at the age of 10 has been banned from an exhibition at the Tate Modern.

The photo shows Brooke standing naked in a bathtub, with an oiled chest and wearing heavy make-up.

Plans to show the photo alongside works of adult pornography drew heavy criticism from children’s rights campaigners.

Although the picture was due to be shown in a separate room, campaigners said it was still a ‘magnet‘ for paedophiles.

The outcry prompted a police investigation into the exhibition to determine if it did break child pornography laws.

Now the photo has been pulled from the show while Scotland Yard works with the gallery.

‘The room is temporarily closed and we are in discussions with the police at the moment,’ said a spokeswoman for the Tate in London.

The controversial photo was taken by Richard Prince and is actually a photograph of another photograph taken by Garry Gross in 1975.

Gross’s original photo was taken with the consent of Brooke’s mother. Brooke tried to buy back the negatives in 1981.

It is not known whether Prince’s photograph will be allowed to take its place in the exhibition.

‘The officers have specialist experience in this field and are keen to work with gallery management to ensure they do not inadvertently break the law,’ said a spokesman for Scotland Yard.


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