Beehives arrive at the White House

The home of the US president is to get beehives

The White House is to get some new residents. Yes, some more.

From this summer, the home of Obama and co. will feature two beehives, complete with bees.

The Honey Bee Conservancy, a charitable environmental organization working to protect bees said that the introduction of beehives to the White House garden sends a powerful message about the importance of bees to the US food supply.

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‘Nearly one third of the United States’ crops rely on bees for pollination, yet close to one fourth of the nation’s commercial honey bees have vanished in recent years,’ said Guillermo Fernandez.  

‘Americans in cities from New York to Los Angeles, have flocked to the idea of small-scale beekeeping as a way to help save our bees and – like the Obamas – to pollinate their crops and generate some free local honey in the process!’


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