It’s Mother’s Day! 10 Crazy Reasons Why You Love Your Mum

Mothers Day Love

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Planning to treat your mum to a posh lunch or spend the day together doing something she loves on Mother's Day? Of course you are! Your mum's a true one-off, though she's probably not the only one to share these mum foibles that make us laugh...

1.She thinks she's got her finger on the pulse of modern lingo when she says 'YOLO'.


2.She likes EVERYTHING you do on Facebook

3.With everything but the kitchen sink in her bag, she is essentially Mary Poppins. Painkillers, fluff-remover, wet wipes, a light bulb...She's your go-to gal.

4.She thinks a Brazilian is a person from Brazil.


5.She bought a kindle for convenience but still buys books.

6.She gets tongue-tied over the word 'quinoa'.


7.She's joined Instagram but only follows you.

8.She offers you a night in with her and a bottle of wine to ‘Netflix and chill'. *Cue the sniggers*

9.She gets teary eyed and overly sensitive when you give her a present. Even if it has become a tradition that you buy her a Sanctuary one for every...single...Mother's Day

10. Expect her Mother's Day gift to pop up on your Facebook feed once you've left. Don't worry though; she won't have worked out how to tag you.... Yet.

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