Clown Contouring Is A New Make-Up Technique And It's The Best Thing Ever. Fact.

BellaDeLune does clown contouring
BellaDeLune Instagram

It's widely understood that contouring is one of the trickiest beauty trends to master - and quite rightly so.

A technique that involves make-up products being skilfully blended together to create the illusion of razor sharp cheekbones and a sculpted jawline, it's hugely popular with stars.

Kim Kardashian often shares her amazing before and after shots on Instagram, while actresses Megan Fox and Nicole Kidman are also fans.

But we're yet to come across anything anywhere near as incredible as the way American YouTuber BellaDeLune adds definition to her facial features.

The beauty blogger has taken contouring to a whole new level by making herself up to look like a circus act before showing viewers how to flawlessly mix the cosmetics together.

See what we mean?

Clown contouring came to light when BellaDeLune - real name Esther Isabel Amado Romo - uploaded a short video to Instagram with fellow vlogger Makeup By Alo.

'Its that simple Extreme Color Correct, Highlight & Contour with @makeupby_alo wait what extreme!?!' she captioned the clip.

In the mini movie, the girls can be seen covering their complexions with an array of colourful cosmetics.

BellaDeLune briefly becomes a clown with rosy cheeks and even an, erm, poo emoji on her forehead, while her pal goes for a tribal look complete with stripes and hearts.

Make-Up By Alvo also knows how to contour her skin after resembling a sugar skull. 

The original upload caused a huge stir online, prompting BellaDeLune to posts more footage and shots of her transformation to her account.

'This is so omfg and it's sooo beautiful,' enthused one follower, while another added: 'I aspire to be as great as you one day. You're amazing.'

After being flooded with requests for a 'how to' video, she decided to upload a full tutorial to her YouTube page. It's since had over 82,000 views.

We urge you to stop what you're doing right now and watch this video. We promise it'll be one of the most amazing things you see. Ever.


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