New mob-deal shopping offers amazing discounts!

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Get the lowdown on, a website which offers irresistable bargains if people shop together.

It's always a good idea to take a friend or two with you when shopping - the more the merrier in fact - so we were really pleased to hear about a new scheme which offers sizeable discounts if you shop together.

Wahanda MobDeal works on the principle of bulk buying - the company negotiates special volume discounts with spas, gyms, salons and more and then passes the discount on to you, the lucky shopper.

How it works:

Each day Wahanda offers a new discounted deal and once the minimum number of sales has been reached, the deal officially goes ‘live' and is available for the rest of the day for an unlimited number of people to purchase.

If the minimum number isn't reached on the day then nobody gets the deal and no money changes hands.

If you join you can get discounts of up to 80 percent on things like gym membership, spa treatments, hair styling and fitness classes. Every day it's something different.

The deals are for places all over the country including Birmingham, Manchester and London.

To find out more and join up for huge discount shopping visit


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