It takes Marie Claire 10 minutes to get ready (really?!)

Following the news that women spend 91 hours a year and 43 weeks of their lives applying make-up and getting ready each day, we asked the Marie Claire team to reveal how long they take to get groomed every morning

A whopping 91 hours a year, that’s 43 weeks of our lives are spent applying make-up, moisturiser and blowdrying our hair each day. Wow – just think how many visits the gym, self improvement books and many more wonderfully life enhancing things we could be doing instead!

But we all need make-up, right? So just because we’re all secretly fascinated by other people’s grooming routines we asked the Marie Claire team to fess up about how long they take to get magazine glossy every morning. …and the five products they can’t live without!

Tanya Semikoz, executive fashion editor:
Time spent: 20 mins ‘After my bath my makeup only take eight minutes’
Can’t live without.. tinted moisturiser, bronzer, mascara, lip balm and face wash

Emma Simkins, deputy chief sub editor:
Time spent: 40 mins ‘This includes showering, washing and styling hair, putting on body lotion etc and doing make-up. Maybe I’m too low-maintenance (!) but it makes me sad that we waste so much time on curling our hair or putting on foundation. Life’s too short!’

Can’t live without… Bio Oil (for preggers stomach), Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair, Touche Eclat, Chanel blusher, mascara

Miranda McMinn, associate features editor:
Time spent: 3 minutes ‘I’d say I spend about three minutes per day putting make-up on, most of which is spent concealing the bags under my eyes!’

Can’t live without… Clinique line smoothing concealer in medium, Clinique super double face powder in matt beige, Max factor 2000 calorie mascara in black/brown, Laura Mercier cream cheek colour in Canyon, Clinique lipstick in Go Fig

Fiona Raisbeck, online style writer:
Time spent: 45 minutes ‘I spend ages getting ready in the morning, but actually applying make-up about takes up about 20 minutes of that. Dressing up and getting glam is fun, so I’m not surprised we spend so much time doing it!’

Can’t live without… Dr Hauschaka Rose Day Cream, Chapstick, YSL Touche Eclat, Clinique face wash, Dior mascara

Tessa Solomons, bookings editor:
Time spent: 25 minutes ‘I get about 25 minutes for shower, make-up and deciding what to wear but
I would happily spend three years of my life getting ready and trying on clothes (in fact, I think I probably did before I had children!)’

Can’t live without… Armani face fabric, Garnier roll on eye gel, Eau micellaire, diamond earrings, tweezers!

Ann Ho, designer:
Time spent: 30 minutes’I’m not sure that I should admit that I spend less less then 30 minutes getting ready in the morning. I don’t wear any make-up or even brush my hair!’

Can’t live without… deodorant, sensitive skin moisturiser, Simple body lotion, perfume, Vaseline

Martha Hayes, entertainment writer:
Time spent: 20 minutes ‘It takes me 20 minutes max to get showered and dressed in the morning and I put my make-up on on the bus to work. I hate mornings and I’d rather have more time in bed.’

Can’t live without… black mascara, touche eclat, Clarins cleanser and toner and Stila rose blush.

Elizabeth Villabona, designer:
Time spent: 5 minutes ‘I’m one of those annoying people who does their make-up on the train so I only take about five minutes really!’

Can’t live without… concealer (to cover the panda eyes), mascara, blusher, lippy, liquid eyeliner

Suzannah Ramsdale, online news editor:
Time spent: 45 minutes ‘I spend about 45 minutes to an hour getting ready – I’m surprised the stats aren’t higher! I don’t consider myself a high maintenance girl but I’d say that I spend 300-400 hours a year getting ready… I think I need some new hobbies!’

Can’t live without… moisturiser, concealer, bronzer, eyeliner and vaseline!

Anna Saunders, acting features director:
Time spent:
‘It takes me 45 minutes from the time I get up to walking out of the door (including breakfast). But I spend 10 minutes on make-up alone. Spending 45 minutes on just your make-up seems like a long time to me (and pointless if you have to contend with a muggy tube ride or walk to work like me!)’

Can’t live without… mascara, bronzer eyeliner, foundation, shampoo!

What’s your magic number? How long do you take to get ready in the morning? Let us know in the comments box below or tweet us @MarieClaireUK #gettingready


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