Find the perfect shade of foundation every time with this new website

It's actually genius!

Finding the best foundation for your skin type is hard enough without having to find the best skin tone match too. So shopping for a foundation online is near impossible. But in a day in age when most of our shopping is done digitally, there has to be an easier way of buying the perfect foundation from a website. Because, to be honest, there’s not enough hours in the day to travel all the way into a shop and go through several shades of foundation until you find the right match.

That’s where comes in.

This genius project was set up in 2012, with the aim of creating ‘the world’s largest usable database of matching foundation colours’, and now, it’s finally here. Forget squinting at tiny shade swatches on the screen. With the help of this website, all the hard work will be done for you.

First, you enter a brand of foundation you wear and the name of the collection. Then, you enter the shade you have used and been happy with. So, for example, you enter Dior – Diorskin Nude Air Serum – Medium Beige. At this point, you can choose to find other foundations that will work with your skin tone. Or, for better results, you can enter another foundation you have used into the database, using the same process as before.

Once you have entered the foundations you know perfectly match your skin tone, you click through for a whole list of other foundations that are similar. You can view them by list and discover new make-up, or you can filter your matches by brand. So if there’s a particular brand of foundation you’ve been told you need to try, you can easily find it and the best shade match for your skin tone.

Here’s to never putting the wrong shade of foundation on our faces ever again.

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