Guys, Being Beautiful Actually Makes Life Really Difficult. No Really.


Gigi Hadid

Just because you have a face that looks like it was crafted by the hands of angels and hair made of woven silk, donít go thinking that life is going to hand you any favours for it, as according to science beautiful people have it really hard.

And hey you gorgeous types rolling those big, doll-like eyes, hear us out, as apparently your looks could even risk your career and your life.


Social psychologists Lisa Slattery Walker and Tonya Frevert from the University of North Carolina have combined years of research and shared with their findings with the BBC.

Letís start with work. While hot men are considered better leaders, equally blessed women are usually held back because of their looks, and are far less likely to get a promotion. Oh hey, sexism.

However, when it comes to jealously both sexes feel the pain at the hands of the green-eyed monster, as if a person is interviewed by someone of the same sex who perceives them to be more attractive, then they probably wonít get the job.


If struggling to land jobs wasnít bad enough, being beautiful can also be lonely, with people literally running away from you. Walker and Frevert reference a study from 1975 in which people tend to move further from beautiful women in their pathway. It could be as a mark of respect, but in the long term it can create distance.

'Attractiveness can convey more power over visible space Ė but that in turn can make others feel they canít approach that person,' says Frevert.


To bring this up to date, dating site OK Cupid revealed that people who had flawless profile pictures were less likely to find dates than those who appear quirkier, probably due to their more average counterparts seeming less intimidating. So maybe use that pic without the Valencia filter from before you got your snaggletooth sorted?

Most worrying is the research that shows that doctors are less likely to take good-looking patients seriously, due to a subconscious link between health and good looks. Also - attractive people in pain will receive a lower quality of care, yet there is no evidence to suggest that looking at their symmetrical faces in the mirror will help relieve the pain.

Anyone else picturing a dystopian society of unemployed beautiful people, wandering the streets lonely, with untreated ailments?

Just us? *Pens novel*


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