Valentine's Day Apathy? Take Inspiration From The Best Date Scenes In Films

Notting Hill
Notting Hill

Does the looming prospect of Valentine's Day leave you feeling a bit, 'meh'? Well, let these on-screen couples be your guide to date night bliss. 

Here's some romantic tips and tricks, alternative venue suggestions and reminders that romance isn't all roses. Plus, some stuff (like the dreamy pictures above) that will elevate your expectations drastically, and probably set you up for disappointment (sorry-not-sorry).

When Harry Met Sally 
Don’t ever underestimate a date at a deli. Sometimes the off-menu specials are mind-blowing. 

Cher taught us all a valuable lesson: trying to be covertly alluring can result in injury. Sometimes, if someone says they just want to watch movies, it isn’t code for anything. 


The Notebook 
If a dude cares enough to scale a Ferris wheel in order to ask you out while you’re on another date, he’s a keeper.

Dirty Dancing 
This Valentine's Day, find your inner feline à deux. The couple that crawls together, stays together.

10 Things I hate About You 
Sure, there was the singing on the bleachers and the achey-breaky poem read out it class, but this film also featured a scene that started with a pedalo ride and ended with a paintball fight – and if that doesn’t epitomise #dategoals, we don't know what does.

500 Days Of Summer 
Going to Ikea and pretending you live there? It’s a relationship right of passage. What could be sexier than all those streamlined Scandinavian furnishings: if you find yourself whispering things like ‘FLÄRDFULL and SNICKARGÅRDEN’ into your lover’s ear, you’re doing it right.

Notting Hill 
It's nice when you finally reach that stage in a relationship where you let them see you with your glasses on. True love is blind.   


Breakfast at Tiffany’s 
Why not make a date at a toy shop, complete with animal masks a la Holly and Paul? Caveat: we suggest you pay for everything you walk out with. 
Pulp fiction 
Recipe for romance: after 10 minutes of cerebral seduction over meat and milkshakes, enter a twist contest (barefoot). 


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