Two Women In India Are Rapping Against Rape And Misogyny...Watch It Here

BomBaebs YouTube

Two young women - who call themselves BomBaebs - in India have captured the internet with a powerful rap video that attacks their country's 'misogyny' with a stark hashtag: #RapAgainstRape.

'We're not rappers, we're just girls who are trying to make you open your eyes', Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi declare before launching a blistering attack on the hypocrisy and injustices women are facing in modern day India.

The disclaimer on their YouTube video says it all: 'You don't have to read this. It's only a standard disclaimer. This video doesn't have any explicit or bannable content. It's just the reality for women in India is Explicit.'

The duo then rap, 'we’re a land of ironies and of rampant misogyny', before going on to highlight exactly what they mean by 'irony':

'She menstruates and you call her dirty, yet don't you love it when she gets flirty?' they ask before adding, 'If I walk alone at night you say I'm irresponsible and lame, yet when I'm seen with a man, to my family I've brought shame?'

They go on to protest:

‘When a girl who’s been raped, has to hide her face, and then that same society makes a porn star their celebrity.
To teach women obedience they have domestic violence, but no one will report it, they're meant to absorb it with silence.'

The lyrics are a powerful reminder of the recent headlines that have brought international attention to India's inability to properly address rape and misogyny in the country.

BBC documentary 'India's Daughter', about the brutal gang rape and murder of 23-year-old medical student Jyoti Singh on a Delhi bus in 2012, was aired recently despite efforts from Indian officials to silence it. They succeeded: the film was banned in New Delhi.

The same officials will find it hard to silence a new headline, however, that only adds to the global concern: last week a 75-year-old nun was gang-raped in her Christian missionary school in West Bengal. It has recently emerged she was trying to prevent the six men from attacking another woman.

As pressure continues to mount, this young rap duo's mainfesto is clear:

‘Gone are the times we stayed abused and broken and behind closed doors we cried
It's about time to change the tide and for you to get on our side
Help us bring in a new day – for you, for me, for us
Let’s carve a new way.’

Two brave women, one powerful message. 149,613 YouTube video views and counting...


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Wednesday 24 August