Woman campaigns to stop husband donating his sperm

A new test that checks a man's sperm count will soon be available in the UK Rex Features

A mother of one has appealed to authorities to stop her partner donating his sperm.

Her husband, who volunteered his semen samples at a registered clinic, after suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following the birth of their child.

Appealing to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the mother from Surrey - who has not been named - believes that it could create troubles for her family life.

She argues that the procedure of sperm donation ‘should also include the wife or partner being asked about their views and signalling consent’ as sperm is a ‘marital asset.’

In 2005, the ruling against donor anonymity was introduced, with donors having to provide a name and address. The wife worries this may disrupt her family and children in particular, admitting she would ‘not feel able to push them away’ if they turned up at their doorstep.

Peter Lloyd, a writer and men’s activist argues against the woman’s view, believes ‘my body, my choice’ should apply to ‘both genders, not just women.’

It could be argued that the consent of the man is not required over the termination of a baby, so why should a woman’s be needed for sperm donation?

What are your views on sperm donation? Should woman have the right to stop their partners from donating or is it a case of ‘my body, my rules?’


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Thursday 25 August