£40 million jewellery heist in London

International manhunt after two armed men execute Britain’s biggest diamond jewellery robbery

Two armed robbers pulled off Britain’s biggest ever jewellery heist, stealing £40 million worth of bracelets, watches, rings and necklaces encrusted with thousands of diamonds.

The robbery took place last Thursday, when the suspects entered London’s Graff Diamonds dressed in snappy business suits. They threatened staff with handguns, before taking a female employee hostage.

The men carried out the heist in a matter of minutes, leaving the employee unharmed as they escaped in a black taxicab while firing warning shots into a busy New Bond Street.  

The robbery was well planned and swiftly executed. It is thought there were at least two other men involved in the heist as drivers for three getaway vehicles.

Britain’s previous biggest diamond jewellery robbery also took place at Graff Diamonds, when £23 million worth of jewellery was stolen in 2003.

The Metropolitan Police Flying Squad is investigating, and has released details of the suspects to all ports and airports. However, it is thought that the men may have already escaped the country.


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