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Jenny Dawson, Rubies in the Rubble for MC Meets

MC Meets: Jenny Dawson, Founder Of Rubies In The Rubble

Jenny Dawson was a hedge fund manager before she quit her job and set up Rubies in the Rubble, a gorgeous company which makes handmade chutneys and jam from surplus fruits and vegetables before they’re discarded.

catwalk to office

Catwalk to Office

Attaining a high end catwalk look for Spring/Summer 2014 couldn't be simpler after designers sent a mixture of knots, plaits, braids, simple wavy styles and glossy tresses that were groomed to perfection down the runway, these coifs were given style gratis and are perfect for exuding confidence in the boardroom.

make over in mins

Makeover in Minutes

Ever tried a new season hairstyle for work only for it to fall flat, come loose or worse still completely drop before lunch? Don't despair as we have the perfect lunchtime makeover hair tips that will see you though until the end of day.

Debbie Thomas

MC Meets: Debbie Thomas, The Queen Of Facials

Debbie Thomas, owner of Debbie Thomas Advanced Skin Treatments, chats to us about celebrity clients, the pros and cons of owning your own business, plus the power of hard work.


How To Discover What Your Superpower Is (Believe It Or Not, We ALL Have One...)

They say everyone has something special. If you look at your family, friend and colleagues – who really stands out? What is it about them? We all know the people who change the energy in a room as soon as they arrive. Who can bring everyone out of a slump. Who pull in the winning idea, the large account at the last minute. The woman with the effortless sense of style. The man who seems to absorb new languages over a weekend away.

How to get your dream job

6 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Your Dream Job

You think that flurry of rejections in your inbox is down to a 'lack of experience' or the 'high calibre' of other candidates'? The truth could actually be within your control...

Caroline Stanbury

MC Meets: Caroline Stanbury, Founder Of Gift Library

Caroline Stanbury is the founder and CEO of Gift Library, a luxury e-tailer that basically takes the hard work out of choosing the perfect gift with its personal shopping service. We met up with her to get her top tips on setting up your own business.


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