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Michelle Kennedy T

Is This Woman Your New Career Mentor?

Fancy a fairy jobmother? Every month, we're introducing you to a successful and inspirational woman who could be your new career mentor.

Dream career

5 Ways To Figure Out Your Dream Career

These days career change happens more often than Lady Gaga changes her outfit. More and more women are escaping the 9-5 monotony to create a career that lights them up.

Boost Self Esteem

7 Foolproof Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem

Confidence knocked at work? Comparing yourself to your colleagues? We’ve all been there. So we caught up with Isabel Pollen, Associate Trainer at the Impact Factory and speaker at our Marie Claire @WORK LIVE event on June 13, to talk us through the best ways you can boost your self-esteem…

Learning to code

7 Reasons Why You Need To Learn To Code

It was once thought of as a pastime for the super-nerdy, but coding is now an ultra-lucrative industry. And, with children as young as five now learning to code, it's probably time you did too.


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