This is how much Brits are willing to spend on someone else’s wedding

Is it all worth it for a good old knees up?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

It’s no secret that weddings are big (expensive) business. Even if you’re not the one forking out your life savings for your own big day, attending other people’s can really lighten your purse when this is how much you’re expected to put towards a wedding gift, and being a bridesmaid costs the same as a two-week holiday.

But as much as we love to be outraged by how much weddings actually cost, it seems that we’re willing to part with quite a lot of money in order to make it to the weddings of our loved ones.

A survey by One4all asked 2,000 British adults exactly how much they’d be willing to shell out for everything from travel to outfits to beauty treatments for someone else’s big day, and it seems that we’re more than happy to flash the cash for a good old knees up.

According to the results Brits are willing to travel 1,163 miles for a wedding, and 31% actually welcome the idea of a bash abroad.

It also showed that we’re happy to invest around £827.45 on being a wedding guest once we’ve paid out for everything. Although that sounds like an eye-watering sum for the cousin you’ve probably seen about three times since 2002, it would seem that you can’t put a price on wedding fun.

Here’s the breakdown of what Brits are prepared to spend when attending a loved one’s big day:

  • Travel – £174.70
  • Accommodation – £182.79
  • Gifts – £130.88
  • Outfit – £136.01
  • Beauty Treatments – £104.08
  • Drinks – £98.99

Oh, and if you’re a London dweller it seems that you’re more willing to spend around £944 on a wedding.

Is it worth it for someone else’s day? We’ll let you decide…

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