6 reasons you need to go on a cruise this year

Go big or go home

Planning your next big adventure can be tough. OK, so choosing what tropical/mountainous/paradisical holiday location shouldn’t be hard in theory (you’re escaping real life, after all). Yet sometimes, a combination of night after after night spent refreshing the Skyscanner app, searching for a 5* poolside villa – without the 5* price tag, obvs – and trying to pull together a half-decent itinerary all whilst holding down a full-time job is hard. Oh, and that’s before you’ve even tried to work out a daily budget.

Enter The Cruise.

No longer the preserve of the senior generation, who get to bask in the sun pretty much whenever they want (hey, they’ve earned it), cruises are becoming increasingly popular with us millennials thanks to a new breed of cruise ships that are built for the sole purpose of us having the Best. Holiday. Ever.

After experiencing this first hand, on the Royal Caribbean’s newest offering, the Harmony of the Seas AKA the world’s biggest ever cruise ship, I can confirm that yes, in this case, bigger really is better. In case you need more persuading, here are six reason why your holiday destination 2017 should involve setting sail on a cruise….

The ship. Oh boy, the ship…

Clearly this element of your holiday is a biggie. In fact, it’s the key element of your stay and the Harmony did not disappoint. Push away thoughts of feeling claustrophobic, or trapped, for this ship was massive. Not in an intimidating, impersonal way, but in an ‘OMG this is literally incredible… wait, is that Central Park?!’ kind of way. This space alone consists of 12,000 green trees and plants, an uptown dinner experience and premium shopping. It’s Central Park, in the middle of the ocean. There’s also a solarium, four pools and a spa should you wish to take a moment to yourself and remember you’re on THE BIGGEST SHIP IN THE WORLD.

It’s not your average ‘hotel’ room

You may have been on a cruise before, or perhaps, you’ve crossed The Channel on your way to France, however that onboard experience will in no way prepare you for the interiors onboard the Harmony. Your room is not so much a cabin, more a luxe-Stateroom that is spacious (seriously) and features comfy double beds and properly good bathrooms. We’re not talking single bunks, and tiny toilets here. Oh, and the Wifi is really, really good – because when you’re at sea and it looks this good, it’s all about the ‘gram.

The food options are endless

When it comes to in-cruise dining, it’s not just sat at the Captain’s table that will see you getting the best food in the house. Onboard the Harmony, there were myriad food options that were available round the clock, whatever your food-mood. Feeling like a breakfast of champions? The Windjammer and its amazing views has got you covered. Quick slice of pizza for lunch? Head to Sorrento’s. Whilst you will literally be spoilt for choice on your trip, our tip is to head to Wonderland for dinner. As the name suggests, this multi-sensory experience is loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and from the moment you enter the restaurant via a tunnel that leads to a golden door, to your first sample of food, you will not be disappointed.

It’s like a modern day Dirty Dancing  

It is nigh on impossible to be bored on the ship, trust me. You could finish your day with dinner in the aforementioned Wonderland, or have a bespoke drink in the stupidly cool Bionic Bar (staffed by robot waiters) but no Harmony trip would be complete without seeing the Broadway’s, Grease (at least once), followed by watching Royal Caribbean’s brand new show Columbus, The Musical – it needs to be seen, to be believed…

It’s forward thinking

Aside from the marvel that is the Bionic Bar, the Harmony is resolutely forward thinking when it comes to sustainability. In fact, it’s one of the most energy-efficient and technologically advanced ships ever built by minimising their environmental footprint whilst maximising their contribution to conservation.

You’ll see what paradise really looks like

After departing the port at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we sailed overnight and the next day arrived in beautiful Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Yep, we’re talking a bona fide paradise island. Think lush, hilly landscapes, whiter than white beaches and offshore coral reefs should you want to disembark and take to the waters for some snorkeling. Quite literally the dream.

For more information about Harmony of the Seas, and other Royal Caribbean cruises visit their site here.

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