Wedding Diet Tips

Find out speedy ways to shape up before your impending nuptials

With a month to go, discover quick ways to boost your inner body and outer beauty before your big day…

Eat both fish and poultry once a week

The old mantra, you are what you eat, may sound like a broken record, but it?s 100% true. Both fish and poultry are full of protein, and fish, in particular, is packed with essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6. Nutritionist Ann Yelmokas McDermott says: ‘Essential fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes, which not only act as barriers to harmful things but are also the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out of cells.’

Grapefruit food

Try to eat grapefruit daily

It might make you wince with its bitterness, but research has shown that those who eat half a red or pink grapefruit as part of their regular daily routine lose more weight. According to scientists, grapefruit lowers levels of insulin, making us feel less hungry.

Cut down on your salt intake

Our average salt consumption is 9g a day and most of it is derived from breakfast cereals and bread. If you can cut down on these, and aim to knock down your salt intake to 3g daily, you can lose up to 1.5 litres of excess fluid – the equivalent to 2lb to 3lb in weight. If you’re a salt fiend, then try herb salt, a natural lower-salt alternative.

high-protein diets

Eat eggs

As we all know eggs are high in protein and essential for our diet, but what you might not know is protein is a known natural appetite suppressant. One study showed that those who ate two eggs at breakfast ate 400 calories fewer throughout the day, as protein succeeds in staving off hunger pangs for the rest of the day.

Beat the bloat

Listen to what your mother used to tell you: eat slowly. Take time to eat a meal to reduce the amount of air swallowed (which gets trapped in your intestines and causes bloating). Steer clear of fizzy drinks and chewing gum, which also cause us to gulp down more air and create unwanted gases. Also avoid tucking into foods known to cause wind ? that’ll be cabbage and swede for starters! Probiotic drinks are a good daily habit to begin. They are rich in good bacteria, so they too can battle the bloat.

Eat chillies

While we don’t suggest you add chillies to every recipe, researchers at Oxford Brookes University proved that the hot supernutrients in chilli help to speed up our metabolism.

Eat your greens

Another mantra from your childhood, but the power of greens, from cabbage to broccoli, cannot be underestimated. Both contain high levels of lutein, a yellow pigment that helps to protect our skin from loss of elasticity and dehydration caused by exposure to the sun’s rays.

Bridget Jones exercise bike

Exercise regularly

While incorporating certain foods into your diet will make a noticeable difference to skin, hair and overall wellbeing, exercise is undoubtedly the key to staving off any excess weight. Check in with a trainer at your gym to get a circuit training programme you can get going on yourself. Remember to constantly change your routine to surprise your body and avoid getting stuck in a rut, and be sure to combine cardio (treadmill, jogging, exercise classes) with lifting free weights.

Consider a colonic

If diet alone doesn’t shake off the bloat, then ladies, a colonic may well do the trick. Yes, yes, we know the concept may fill you with dread but it’s a known fact that some people have pounds of waste stuck in their colon and this (pain-free) procedure is the quickest way to rid your body of toxins and start to detoxify.

Start upping your vitamin intake

While we can try and get as many sources of vitamins as possible from our diet, it’s a good idea to keep your body well-supplied with some additional supplements. Vitamin B is great for boosting your energy levels (essential when the wedding planning gets on top of you), while herbal supplements like Spirulina will give your metabolism a natural kick-start and stop that sluggish feeling.

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